Fitness equipment recommended

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1. The force roller The power tool is a special tool for developing the forearm muscle, and it is also good for enhancing the grip strength. There are two types of commonly used force reducers, namely: a hand-held wind power device - made of a stick, with a diameter of about 0,035 meters and a length of 0.3 to 0.4 meters, with a hole in the middle and piercing through the fitness article of Stallone (12 Zhang) The rope, the rope is 1 meter long, one end of the rope is ligated on the wooden stick, and the other end is ligated with a barbell piece or other heavy objects; the bracket type wind power device - the production method is the same as above, but the horizontal stick is placed in two Practice on the stand, it is convenient to use, the instrument is strong and can be used at any time.

2, spring bar The spring bar has a wooden handle at both ends, and a large elastic spring in the middle is used to train the muscles of the upper arm and the trunk.

3, the neck cap is composed of two parts, one is a simple cap made of a belt, and the other is a chain or rope that can be heavy. When training, you can wear it on your head and hang a barbell or other heavy object under the hat. It is a special device for developing neck muscles.

4, protective belt Protective belt is an indispensable equipment for practicing bodybuilding. In particular, it has the effect of protecting the waist when doing heavy weight squats. At the same time, it helps the big forces to practice, improve the training intensity and prevent the occurrence of injury accidents. The protective tape is usually made of cowhide or pigskin.

5, exercise mirror The exercise mirror is composed of a wooden basket and a large mirror. The bodybuilder exercises in front of the mirror to facilitate self-observation and correct wrong posture.

6, push-up support frame made of iron pipe or wood, can be used for hand and waist weights for push-ups. There is also an elevated push-up stand, which is composed of a steel pipe as a support and a support plate for the foot. Both the neck and the waist can be exercised with weight while training, which increases the difficulty of the exercise and improves the training effect. Push-up support exercises have a significant effect on the developed chest muscles.

7, bench press The bench press is a special equipment for practicing the pectoralis major. It has three types: flat, sitting reclining and vertical reclining. They are made up of steel-welded brackets and panels. The supine push-up frame is used for the muscles on both sides of the developed pectoralis major muscle. The seated and vertical bench presses are used for the upper and lower muscle groups of the developed pectoralis major muscle.

8, squat racks There are two kinds of iron and wooden. The wooden squat rack consists of a leg frame and a frame, and is shaped like a four-legged high stool. The height is generally 1 meter, in which the leg frame is 90 cm high and the frame is 10 cm thick, and is concave, which is convenient for the barbell to be stabilized. The frame is generally 440 cm long and 30 cm wide. The iron squat rack consists of an iron seat and a height-adjustable steel tube. The iron seat is round and has a diameter of 35 cm. The entire deep truss height is 1.6 m. A few round holes with adjustable height can be drilled in the middle. The general spacing is 10 cm. The squat rack is a special device that shoulders the barbell to make up the muscles of the developed leg. 9. Active sloping plate The active slanting plate is a special device for practicing the waist and abdomen muscles. Made of steel pipes that can be adjusted in height and

Wooden board composition. A frame of about 3.4 cm in diameter and a frame of about 65 cm in width were welded with a 3.4 cm diameter pipe, and the sloping plate was placed on the wooden board and placed on a height-adjustable support. It is easy to use a sponge pad on the sloping surface.

10. The landing gear is welded with a 4.8 cm diameter iron pipe. The height of the frame is 2.5 meters and the distance between the left and right columns is 1 meter. Starting from the 60 cm from the bottom of the column, a circular hole is drilled every 5 cm to adjust the height. It can be used to practice semi-squatting, weight-lifting and neck-posting.

11, comprehensive training machine Also known as multi-functional training device, designed for bodybuilders and professional athletes. It has the advantage of performing systemic strength exercises with 10 to 50 movements. The loader (resistance) adopts a high-strength rubber block (coated iron block), which overcomes the noise of the weight-lifting block, and the variable load has the advantages of the equal-power exercise, the exercise action is easy to grasp, and the injury opportunity less. Good quality instruments are designed according to the structure of the human body, thus ensuring uniform resistance throughout the movement, easy addition and subtraction, and excellent training results. Its shortcoming is that it can only be operated according to the design route, and the limitation is great. Unable to perform explosive exercises. The comprehensive training machine is generally divided into 5 people station and 8 person station.