Aerobic exercise - anti-aging

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Want to delay physical aging, aerobic exercise can help you aerobic exercise is not only an effective means of consuming energy, but also a good "youth medicine", can play a role in delaying aging, so 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day The more live the younger.

An analysis published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine said that after middle age, people insisted that aerobic exercise can delay physical aging for 12 years and extend the time of independent living after entering old age. Aerobic exercise such as jogging can increase the body's oxygen consumption. Common aerobics include walking, brisk walking, jogging, walking, skating, long distance swimming, cycling, tai chi, fitness dancing, skipping/aerobics, ball games such as basketball, football and more. Aerobic exercise is characterized by low intensity, rhythm, uninterrupted and long duration.

Compared with explosive non-aerobic exercise such as weightlifting, running, high jump, long jump, and throwing, aerobic exercise is a constant exercise, and it is a exercise that lasts for more than 5 minutes.

The author of the article said: "There seems to be sufficient evidence to show that maintaining large oxygen inhalation levels increases the likelihood that healthy older people will remain independent." There is evidence that regular aerobic exercise can delay or reverse this ruthless The aging process, even if you have entered your old age.